Ping Shu 舒萍

Ping Shu 舒萍


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About Ping Shu

Ping is originally from Beijing, China and has been living in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years. She possesses more than 18 years of real estate experience and has been licensed as a broker for 16 years. Prior to her real estate career, she spent over a decade working for top international IT companies, and has been honoured with numerous awards. Most of Ping's clients are from mainland China. As an immigrant herself, she understands the needs and wants of this unique demographic, helping her provide a more tailored service to each of her clients. Ping speaks both Mandarin & English fluently and her exemplary service has been highly recognized and recommended by her clients over her years of service. She serves the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas, and is experienced and knowledgeable in the sales of luxury homes, investment properties and new builds. Ping has been awarded the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation in addition to having earned membership within the Million Dollar Guild (GUILD) in recognition of her knowledge, experience and expertise in the luxury home arena. With her dedicated, loyal, and customer-focused work ethic along with her unique expertise in Asian culture, Ping greatly enhances the Invidiata Team. Ping looks forward to assisting you in achieving your real estate goals. She can be reached directly at 416-726-7227.

舒萍,资深房地产经理人, 20年前移民自北京, 是早期可数之大陆地产经纪人之一,有着18年的房地产买卖经验,尤其是针对高端房产的经验。移民加拿大之前,她曾经为顶尖法国及美国计算机公司工作10 年。 多数舒萍的客户是大陆来的移民,她知道她对客户的理解和支持是多么的重要。她感同身受,非常能理解和明白这一特殊客户群的需求,并能有针对性地服务每一个家庭。 中文是舒萍的母语,英语也十分流利。她对中西方文化,房地产及动态的深入了解及她十几年的工作经验,加之她将客户的需求放在第一位的工作态度,深得客户的满意及信赖。这也是为什么她的许多客户是十几年的老客户,也多数成为了朋友。基于她在高端房地产业的经验知识及业绩,舒萍已荣幸的获得了北美房地产界最高端专家证书 (CLHMS) 并成为百万豪宅 (GUILD) 协会会员。 Invidiata团队著名于服务高端房地产领域,特别是水边地产。自2001年至今Invidiata团队在全球Re/Max团队中曾经获得十五次第一名。舒萍和她所在的Invidiata团队一样,将她的主要精力致力于Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington及周边地区高端房产的买卖及投资项目。她的成功主要来自于她的高质量服务及客户的高度认可和推荐。实现客人的房屋梦是她一贯的服务宗旨。舒萍期待着早日为您安家置业提供服务。 如您有任何与房地产相关的问题可随时拨打她的直线电话:416-726-7227。